Sale of thoroughbred kittens

Our cattery offers abissinian purebred kittens for pets or breeding. Kittens grow up at home in love and care. They are sold at the age of three months and ready for independent life. They know the tray and the scratching-stone.

If you want to buy a kitten or discuss a reservation please contact us in any way in the contact section.

Abyssinian kittens

The kitten's parents are the titled producers. They are the winners of international cat shows. Kittens are sold at the age of three months with full package of documents. All cats of our cattary have the CFA registration. We also register our animals in WCF and MFA systems. We conclude a contract when selling the kitten with breeding conditions or castration/sterilization.

You can see the details about pedigrees and titles of parents in the kitten section.